Bristly is made from Natural Rubber, whose smell we all may be familiar with (i.e. rubber bands). We have also scented Bristly with a Mint scent, to help mask the strong rubber smell. 

Like with people, each dog is different. Some dogs like the smell and are intrigued by it, and others may be put off by it.  As pet parents, we are familiar with our dogs preferences, likes, and dislikes.  Please consider this when purchasing Bristly.  If your dog likes Kong toys, they should do well with Bristly. 

How to Help Decrease the Smell?

Try washing Bristly with soap and warm water, to help minimize the smell.  You can also put it in the dish washer, which can also help. 

How to Get Your Dog Used to Bristly?

If your dog is put off by the smell,  you can try to smear something yummy on the bristles to help get them to start using Bristly.  You can try the following:

For more helpful tips on getting your pups to use Bristly, please check out this How To Guide.

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