Please follow these 3 steps to help with filling toothpaste into the top reservoir of Bristly. 

You may also put the toothpaste directly onto the bristles.  Note, in this case your dogs will lick the toothpaste off. That's OK, let them lick it, and then once they are done licking, let them chew on Bristly.  This can help build a pawsitive & yummy association with Bristly!

Toothpaste Fill Instructions: 


1. Press the toothpaste nozzle firmly against the opening at the top of Bristly. 

  • Note: make sure the openings are aligned and centered to avoid spillage.

2. Press the two firmly together, then very gentle squeeze the toothpaste tube slowly. 

  • Note: if you squeeze too hard or too fast it will not fill properly.  

3. This should fill in properly.

  • Note: You do not need to put too much in there, just a tea spoon amount