What countries do you ship to?
We ship Bristly worldwide.

Should I supervise my dogs while they brush with Bristly?
Supervised use is highly recommended. Although the brushing stick is highly durable and crafted with aggressive chewers in mind, no dog toy is indestructible.

How long should the Bristly be used?
With daily use, we recommend that Bristly be replaced every 3 months for safety and hygiene reasons. Similar to how humans replace their toothbrush regularly to ensure effectiveness.

How do I clean the Bristly?
It is recommended to clean the toothbrush with soap and water with our specially designed Bristly cleaning brush. It is also dishwasher safe. You can also use straw brushes to help clean any residual toothpaste.

If I have more than one dog should I buy a Bristly for each of them?
Yes, If you have multiple dogs, please be sure to provide the correct brush suited for their size & chewing behavior. Please be sure to prevent the larger and stronger chewers from brushing with a smaller sized toothbrush.

Has the product been through testing previously to ensure effectiveness?
Yes, the product has been tested with more than 60,000 dogs and has received overwhelming amounts of positive feedback. We have taken all of this valuable feedback from the dog parents and incorporated into the new version of Bristly toothbrush. Additionally, our new version has been tested with a large group of dogs specifically selected for being heavy chewers. Testing has proved successful, with the Bristly lasting at least 1 month or more on average.