FREE Bristly Tongue Cleaner!

Get a FREE Bristly Tongue Cleaner when you buy our All Natural Bristly Hemp Oil infused with Coconut Oil, or our special Bristly Pre-Biotic Dental Treats

The Bristly Tongue Cleaner is the perfect combo to use with our All Natural Hemp oil. Just apply some of the oil over the tongue cleaner, and let your dogs lick away!  The Hemp oil HELPS RELIEVE PAIN AND PROMOTE A HEALTHY MOUTH & REDUCES SEPARATION ANXIETY IN DOGS!

This is the perfect supplement for your dogs oral, and overall, daily health routine.

The Bristly Pre-Biotic Dental Treats are the perfect low calorie treat. Our delectable dog dental treats offer an effective 2-in-1 oral health benefits:

  • Powerful Pre-biotic blend promotes good bacteria for optimal dental health.
  • Enzymatic boost battles bad bacteria and attacks plaque and tartar.

Empawer your dogs to live a happier healthier life!

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