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Why only 2-5 Minutes?

We wanted to share a note as to why it is important to use Bristly for only 2-5 minutes per day. 

  1. Preventing Boredom: Dogs get bored of the same old thing.  When you leave toys laying around, dogs get bored of them, and use them very infrequently.  Since Bristly is not intended to be used as a chew toy, getting your dog to use it daily is crucial! Removing Bristly after each, 2-5 minute use, prevents them from getting board.

  2. Habit Formation: Dogs are pragmatic and creatures of habit. Similar to how your dog gets excited when they see their leash because it signals that they get to go for a walk, and sniff cool things; If they use Bristly in short periods, once per day, they get excited because it's the "yummy thing they get to chew on."

  3. Flavor Makes them Chew Harder: The Bristly is flavored, so it's pretty yummy for dogs.  When they chew for a prolonged period of time, they will want to chew much harder than they do any regular toy as the flavor is sensed more.  This will result in potential breakage of Bristly.
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